The Challenges of Being Counter-Cultural

The Challenges of Being Counter-Cultural


5 Ways to Engage While Being Different by Diana Asaad


Over 2 billion people world-wide label themselves Christians. Yet, conventional Christianity is a concept that is becoming transformed into an unrecognizable hybrid.


Would the early church identify themselves along with the Christians of today? I don’t believe so.


Modern Christianity is getting a bad rap. Hypocrisy. Judgmental. Intolerant. But where did that reputation come from? Are we as a group of believers responsible for at least some of that reputation?


So, how did we get here? And more importantly, what is being a Christian supposed to look like?


Jesus’ words are the best starting point. John 17:16 ESV states “They are not of the world, just as I am not of the world.” Just as Jesus was in the world but not of it, we are called to be also. And while not being of this world, we (as Jesus is) are called into the world, to be the light the world is so desperate for.


5 Ways to Effectively Engage as Christians


  1. Transparency


It is OK not to have all the answers. The searching world is looking for relatable witnesses of love, who are not afraid to be wrong or not have all the answers. Showing that you are human yet covered by grace is a magnetic force for those in pursuit of truth.


  1. Truth


Stand on truth even if it is not popular. Know the truth. Dig into God’s word deeper and find that truth for yourself through the pages of the Bible. Jesus never compromised the truth. He was, however, a master at communicating truth. Let’s follow His example.



  1. Tact


Jesus always knew how to reach people wherever they fell on the spectrum of seeking. To the Pharisee know-it-all, he spoke sternly, and to the hurting adulterous gently. Knowing those we wish to engage with shows that they matter to you, because they matter to God. There is no one-size-fits-all way in the form of communicating truth. Be civil. Be sensitive. Be empathetic.


  1. Tenacity


Jesus did not give up on people. He has patience and we should too. Crowds followed him for hours and days and many of them still didn’t understand His divinity. Understand that the process takes time. For many you are only a small part of the faith journey. Have courage and don’t give up. God didn’t give up on you.


  1. Thirst


Do your encounters with others cause them to crave more? The crowds could not get enough of Jesus. Do we leave the same impression on those we engage with? Do they thirst for the next time they can meet with you?



Would you describe yourself as counter-cultural? Why or why not?

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