CFTH Women from the Inside Out ~ by Tonya Brown

My newest favorite movie is Disney Pixar’s Inside Out. As a fiction writer I’m familiar with little voices inside my head, so I was drawn to the film when I first viewed the trailer. If you haven’t seen this movie, I give you permission to watch the trailer right now. Just be sure you come back here when it’s over.

I can relate to the main character, Riley, because I’ve been uprooted a few times. I, too, started out in the Midwest and sometimes miss the familiar. My son loves pond hockey, and we put pepperoni on our pizzas not pineapple and broccoli.

And her emotions? I have similar voices in my head. Not only did I have Joy insisting she be in control, I also tried to insist that other people keep Joy in their forefront.

Like Riley, I now understand that squelching the other emotions causes pain. Emotions are indicators of the inner condition of our heart. Each emotion is essential and needs to be honored.

That’s the ministry of Caring for the Woman’s Heart in a nutshell.

* RECOGNIZE heart wounds that often result in destructive cycles

RELEASE past hurts in order that healing may begin 

*RESTORE relationships leading to abundant living

Our goal is to promote healing from the inside out. I looked to see if this concept is biblical and found that Jesus actually teaches us to wash dishes from the inside out. I don’t like to wash dishes, but I am fond of the Teacher, so I studied the lesson.

First clean the inside of the cup and the plate, that the outside also may be clean. Matthew 23:26b ESV

I found that cup is used metaphorically. In the original Greek (G4221) the word refers to our experiences in life, whether joyous or adverse. I found the plate (G3953) is for serving, not so much the foods that satisfy, but those that gratify. When God serves us, He not only places a cup of experiences before us, but also a plate meant to give us pleasure.

The Amplified Bible seems to better explain the intent of Christ’s lesson for us:

. . . first clean the inside of the cup and of the plate [examine and change your inner self to conform to God’s precepts], so that the outside [your public life and deeds] may be clean also.

Have experiences in your life soiled your cup? Are there deep stains—sins you’ve committed—begging to be cleansed? Are there dregs—lies you believe—sitting on the bottom needing to be dumped? Are there leftovers—morsels you thought would be pleasurable—littering the saucer so there isn’t room for the good He planned to place on your plate?

Now might be a good time to watch that movie I’ve been talking about. Be entertained, but also explore your inner emotions and core memories. Are you honestly sharing your struggles and inviting others to share theirs so that relationships thrive?

Recommended Reading: Inside Out: The Junior Novelization adapted by Suzanne Francis


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